Point attachments

A point attachment is a point in space with a rotation. It can be used to spawn particles or anything else that involves a position and/or rotation.

Like any other attachment, a point attachment can go in a skin. This allows each skin to have its own point attachments, so the position and rotation can change for different skins. For example, different guns may shoot from different positions.

Alternatively, a bone could be used instead of a point attachment, since a bone also has a position and rotation and bones can also go in a skin. However, bones have other features like scale or shear that require a little more processing at runtime.

The point attachment position and rotation cannot be keyed in animations. Instead, the point attachment's bone can be keyed.


To create a new point attachment, select a bone or slot in the tree, then choose New... Point in the tree properties.

Like any other attachment, multiple point attachments can be under the same slot. This can be used for animations or code at runtime to choose from multiple positions.


See the common attachment properties for the Select, Export, Name, Color, and Set Parent properties.

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