Spritato is a 3rd party alternative to the official export script to export your PSD file to spine.
It is a standalone app released on Microsoft Store for Windows platform. You do not need to have Photoshop to run it.

If you are interested, here is a few tutorials for you to learn more about this app.

Tutorial 1 - The basic workflow demonstration.

Tutorial 2 - Using the exclusive Pixel Adjustment Layer.

Tutorial 3 - Exporting with skin settings.

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Thanks Nick!

Readers may also want to check out your script's thread:
I made an ultimate export script alternative.
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Hi Nick

Just wanted to say thanks for the work you have done with Spritato, its definitely a massive benefit to me. At the moment I am still trying to tag my PSD files properly because I don't expect clients to be using it yet (though hopefully they all will soon, and I do mention it to them!)

Have noticed last couple of days that it has been crashing several times on particular PSD's (when opening) have tried to narrow it down by resaving them or removing layers, and even used clip studio paint to resave and using a blank psd file, but it just crashes straight out for some reason. (Older files that I have saved as a project are fine - so wondered if the problem lies elsewhere). Sometimes have had a warning so will see if I can catch it. For now will have to use the standard exporter which is a pain (but also shows how useful Spritato has become to me!) Thanks again

EDIT Uninstall/Reinstall seems to have worked from the store! Sorry should have checked first, but my store downloads are extremely slow today, so dropped a message in the meantime.. If it happens again, will try and catch the warning.
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